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President Trump just cancel flights from Europe way dey enter US

Tory For you!

President Trump just cancel flights from Europe way dey enter US. Airlines dey do bananza👀. Di whole world dey fear😥. Busines dey beg dere workers make dem work from house🏠. Stock price dey fall go down. Oil prices kpa kpa self dorn dey drown. But all dis things way dey happen now so dorn already dey di bible, na di word of God for inside dis our time and generation way we dey stay so. Dr Ivrin Baxter talk one time like dat say, ” Di word from di Bible no dey fail, dem dey always cum to pass.” People way sabi di bible well well no dey surprise for dis tin way dey happen so.

But na wa o, if Coronavirus 😷fit shake di world like dis, watin u tink say go cum happen wen d world worn end? Di truth be say Coronavirus na omo kekere compare to watin go happen for di world after di world dorn end. Hmmm di tin go dey brutal no be small.

Pastor way dey preach about only prosperity way but no dey preach about di kingdom of God dey distroy dere members. Fame, money and power, no dey last, na for di last day we go know say all dis tins na vanity. Na Jesus be di only way, accept am now. Tomorrow fit go too late.

We dorn enter di Last hours of di last days. Way our life no go get meaning without God.

God pass Coronavirus!

Story: Vicky Okoto

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